It’s spring and flowers everywhere

It’s springtime here in Sweden! My garden is soon in bloom, birds are singing and it’s so beautiful! The coming weeks are my favorite time of spring 🙂


This time of year I only want to crochet flowers, lay them out, rearrange and photograph them . All the flowers in the picture below are made after patterns in the crochet project #365daysofcrochetflowers by the loopy stitch and friends.


A flower that is deeply connected with this time of year is cherry blossom. Last year a storm made the blooming cherry trees in my garden lose their blossoms in one day.  But the ones that I crocheted then are still standing 🙂

I have put up the free flower pattern of cherry blossoms amongst my other patterns, you’ll find it here!

So, I made lot’s of these both last year and this year. I have used them as decorations on several occasions. It’s a quick little flower to crochet and once you’ve started it’s easy to make a whole bunch.


Spring is here 🙂










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