Höstfägring (Autumn Garden) CAL

Hi there!

It’s autumn and it is also time for a new CAL made by me for Järbo Garn. A perfect excuse to sit in the sofa with a cup of tea and crochet all day long.

In this CAL we will crochet a cozy shawl in the amazingly soft yarn Llama Silk.

The pattern will be posted in English (US Terms) here on my blog but translations in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish are available at Järbo Garn’s website.

This shawl is built up of color blocks with varying patterns. We will use a different (maybe even completely new?) way of building up a triangular shawl. It will be perfect to wrap around your neck but also big enough to carry over your shoulders.

The pattern comes with a written description and crochet diagrams. We will mainly use standard stitches. All special stitches have a thorough description.

You are also welcome to join our Facebook group “Höstfägring CAL” (Autumn Garden CAL in Swedish) if you have questions or just want to get some inspiration. The main language in the group is Swedish but it’s perfectly fine to write in English as well.

Autumn Garden CAL – Links to all Parts (will be available once they are posted)

Part 1 – 18 October

Part 2 – 22 October

Part 3 – 26 October

Part 4 – 30 October

Part 5 – 3 November

Part 6 – 7 November


Yarn: Llama Silk , Järbo Garn , 4 skeins (200 g) in 4 different colors.

Yarn alternative: Nova, Järbo Garn, 4 skeins (200 g) in 4 different colors.

Hook: 4.0 mm or the hook that meets the gauge with your choice of yarn.


Approx. 23 double crochet x 12 rounds = 10 x 10 cm


The size of the finished blocked shawl is around 180 cm wide and 50 sm from the upper edge to the lower tip.


I have put together 3 color combos in the yarn Llama Silk.


Color combo September

Color A: 12214, Color B: 12218, Color C: 12215, Color D: 12207


Color combo October

Color A: 12219, Color B: 12211, Color C: 12209, Color D: 12201


Color combo November

Color A: 12202, Color B: 12212, Color C: 12220, Color D: 12222

Color combos in yarn alternative Nova:

September – 48028, 48017, 48015, 48005

October – 48016, 48012, 48013, 48002

November – 48003, 48008, 48027, 48009

You can find Järbo Garn retailers here:


I hope that you’ll find colors that you like and that you will join me for this CAL. Now we’ll just have to wait for the release of the first pattern part!

Happy crocheting!


Instagram – You can find me on Instagram, intheyarngarden . I will make posts when a new part of the pattern is available. Please tag your shared images with #autumngardenCAL or #höstfägringCAL so we can take part of your creations.

Facebook – You can find me on Facebook where the CAL information also will be available.

Pinterest – All parts of the CAL will be pinned on my Pinterest as soon as they have been released.

Ravelry –  This CAL is listed on Ravelry . Please add the project to your Ravelry Queue.


  1. Would this also be appropriate for a single color of yarn or long gradient instead of the 4 color pack?


    1. It would absolutely work fine. Just check the gauge so you don’t end up with a tiny shawl 😊


  2. What a gorgeous shawl. Lovely colors and design. I’m
    Sorry I missed the CAL as I’ve just discovered your blog / IG. I would love to try this pattern though. Great job!


    1. Thank you so much! The pattern will remain as a free pattern here on my blog so you have all the time in the world to try it out 🙂


  3. Angela taylor

    This is definitely on my todo list, can I ask how much of each yarn is left after completion I’m trying to use up some beautiful 4ply from Easyknits😁


    1. Hi! I had between 5-8 grams left of each color. 🙂


  4. margarcimon

    Thank you so much for this pattern! The Spanish and Spanish-speaking girls are excited about this design and I wanted to ask you for permission to weave it in Spanish in a public Facebook group, with direct links to each of the parts of the CAL of your blog.
    I look forward to your response, and congratulations on your wonderful work, Charlotta!


    1. Hi! I’m so happy to hear that you like the pattern. It’s absolutely ok to post links to the different pattern parts in a Facebook-group. Just remember that you can’t post copied images or parts of the pattern text. I hope you enjoy the pattern.



      1. Thank you very much, we will link the projects to Ravelry as well. Hugs!


  5. […] Hostfagring Autumn Garden Cal see more here. […]


  6. Excelente, muchas gracias! me gustan los digramas, son como lenguaje unirvesal


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