Invisible join

When you crochet in the round an invisible join is a neat way to finish the round instead of making the usual slip stitch in the first stitch of the round. And as the name reveals the join will practically be invisible, no ugly seam!


How to make an invisible join:

When you have finished all the stitches on the round (image 1) cut the yarn, pull through and thread a needle with the yarn tail (image 2). Insert the needle through both loops of the second stitch on the round (image 3).


( In the images the round was started with a standing stitch, if you’ve instead started your round with a chain that counts as a first stitch you’ll insert the needle in the first stitch after the starting chain. )

Now you’ll insert the needle in the back loop of the last stitch of the round (image 4). Pull through (image 5) and tighten it so much that it has the same size as the other stitches, fasten the end (image 6).


Your invisible join is finished! It looks nice don’t you think?!

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